Monday, August 26, 2013

What is our true hunger ?

Everyone has an absolute energy. This energy is translated through passions  we have, the gifts that we enjoy. Naturally  human being is so talented and born creative . Creativity gets obvious and so clear when we are children, because a child is naturally  intuitive and better listener to his depths and  eager to reach what the heart really wants  . Once we grown up, many of us stop wondering how and what  we used to be.. However some succeed to keep the connection with their motherhood. Motherhood is my word that refers to the natural voice of our childhood. In other word, they are considered successful than others, those who could save their intuitions and their skills to listen to themselves.
I have noticed that  the more intuitive the person is, the more artistic tendencies he has  and  vise versa . So we conclude from here that there is a strong connection between intuition and the artistic spirit... 

A child  tends to believe in magic, so naturally they are connected with the magical power of the universe, when  you believe in something ; you can attract the power and you  can put it into practice . In fact, when this exists, you are more able than another to listen to your inner voice and listen to your heart. May be we think that we do follow our hearts and listen to what they say. Yet, we still have a lot of commitments and work to do, to reach  our true depths .
Among the noise of our contemporary society, those who do this, are already so few. That‘s why may be many people have used meditation as a tool to help them to balance their needs peacefully and to listen to what their depths really want . 
The contemporary problems and modernity have always played as an obstacle for the modern humans to really follow their dreams.
 A dream is a habit you teach yourself that  you will achieve it one day, and you try to bring it into action through the power of meditation, visualizing and attraction..

Talents are our  voices which we have succeeded to keep them alive along many years. People are born talented and children can bring up these talents easily. We remain gifted but sadly many of us have lost their connection with their childlike nature . Often artists are the ones who keep the child alive in them . The more they keep him , the more intuitive, imaginative and creative they become . This explains why Picasso spent many years to learn a child’s skills; not only to express better his vision in art that he wants to share but he wanted to keep intuitive and connective with his first   spontaneous nature. The more you are in harmony with your inner  true nature,  the more you are closer to  every natural thing in your life, which  explains also why some are more  sensitive than others and says a lot about our sensitivity to our surroundings, as well.

As a result, artists  are those who kept the child to express their gifts and allow him to play the role of a magician to bring out what the modern citizen has failed to do..
 From my personal experience, nothing could satisfy me and help my whole being better than art . Painting was always my savor and my passion , it knows how to serve me so well .  
When I was child, I always had a deep connection to the universe and to  my surroundings , I always felt that my sensitivity to everything  plays an important role to build up the artist that I am today .
I was always drawing and I knew nothing better than this. I could do it well and It was the biggest source of joy and relief. 
Art since my childhood helped me to increase my sensitivity and my intuition. Later on, I knew that I was born to be an artist. Although the difficulties and obstacles I met which caused to break up with painting for so long time and although the words of my sister  when she told me that   art may be  is not  the dream  I have to achieve in my life, I always felt that it is art what really makes me happy and it is the best thing I know I can do it properly.

In fact , I can not deny that for a while and due to what I faced, I believed that I should rethink of what I really want and  what I have to follow in my life, especially later, when I finished my school and I moved to university, I found myself choosing another field of study according to the will of my parents . But inside, I was still struggling and there was no passing moment I did not feel that  art is really what satisfies my thirsty soul.
I never stopped trying, in every art club I heard of, I go and see how I can get closer to my only main target which is : paint and use colors properly . My dream did not have a true shape till years later, when suddenly I joined a club of painting that offers private lessons, I was asked by my previous teacher of art to move on and just start painting . Although I was  short of money , I  only knew that I have to start then, whether then or may be never .  In fact I did not study there for so long time , besides the teacher was not giving us what we need in terms of learning the basic art  techniques in painting, drawing and so on … But honestly  this  was what  pushed me  to hold on  and to recognize  that I was always right; I am born to be an artist .

For me a true artist is someone who could   follow widely and spontaneously their  hunger to paint , to play music or to write . Since feelings are so sincere and so strong . Artists always can express better than others how they feel . 
Personally speaking, I only feel the need to paint, so I paint, as if there is an inner call that says inside  me “paint”,   I just start painting and I surrender  to the flow of my feelings that bring up all my energies whether they are positive so they make me happy, or negative , so they get healed and  replaced by positive energy instead .

For many times when I could not paint due to a commitment to my study or to my work , I feel deeply annoyed . I call those negative vibes “ black energies” which   hunt me and refuse to leave . As a drug adducted, I know that  painting is a must , so I feel completely relieved and delighted . May be it is my way of meditation, but as the act of having sex , you  can release your energies by reaching the ecstasy , I really feel  the same when I paint . Does it make it a vital need for me?
For sure, it is and I taught myself to raise this habit and to increase this power of love to painting.
When I don’t paint, I really feel nervous, stressed and different to my nature.  Naturally I am a joyful and positive person, when I step away from this need , I feel that there is something missing in my life and  I am not the person I used to be ..
As a result, I have become addicted to this habit of art, so when I cannot make it, It turns to be negative power inside me. It is funny that sometimes my sister asks me to go painting when she finds me strange and not the person she knows. So she asks me to practice art as  if I should go to have  sex, hence in this way I feel good and really  relieved .
Art   has shaped better my sensitivity to people and things that surround me. Thus, I can say with full trust that art is what keeps the balance inside me and the connection between this world where I must survive and my mystical depths that call for magic and the imaginary forgotten world.
 In order to raise up the intuition and keep the child  safe and always alive in me, art is what has helped me to achieve this mission along this years and to survive this material and complicated world..
That’s why I do advise people always – especially those whom I can see that they suffer an inner problems with themselves and fail to reach the  needed balance -  to practice any kind of art they can fit into it ,which  can help to bring up the best in them, may be the best they think that they have forgotten about.


  1. This is absolutey beautiful OMG !
    Quick question though: how can I follow you ? I forgot how to do it :p

  2. Art is art, why words should paint world? This universe is yours, you are gifted enough to make us explore your world, i may wonder how it is but given this short time spent in your heart i feel tremendously invided by your majesty. Thank you for being jut that child always connected to his inner depth.